Jillian Switzerland opens flagship store in Hanoi

Invest Global 08:43 23/05/2023

Jillian Switzerland, a leading Swiss perfume brand, has opened a flagship store in the heart of Hanoi.

After officially entering the Vietnamese market in 2022, Jillian Switzerland, a leading Swiss perfume brand, opened a flagship store on Hang Khay Street, in the heart of Hanoi, on May 21.

The presence of Jillian Switzerland in the heart of the capital is expected to offer an opportunity for perfume lovers to experience many great fragrances from the world-famous manufacturer.

Set in a 100-year-old French house, the store is designed in the style of Swiss minimalism in its architecture and interior design.

Jillian Switzerland opens flagship store in Hanoi

The materials in the store are selected based on environmental friendliness and sustainability. The shelves and cabinets are made from recycled wood, and the store is decorated with carefully manicured potted plants to bring a feeling of nature to visitors.

A significant feature from the Swiss designers is the 'flying table' that allows the upper display shelf to combine with the storage system below. Therefore, each store only needs one employee. This helps Jillian Switzerland reduce personnel and energy costs per store. The table is designed to be easily reassembled into different modules, saving time, expense and environmental costs.

Jillian Switzerland opens flagship store in Hanoi

As a brand characterized by it craftsmanship, Jillian Switzerland incorporates art into its fragrances, combining local cultures and creativity to produce products that are appealing to global trends. According to a brand representative, the company intends to create a perfume line exclusively for Hanoi with the cooperation of local fashion designers.

Jillian Switzerland is owned by UCC Switzerland, a research and development company specialising in fragrance products. The Swiss firm has pioneered many unique scents that have been well received by perfumers, citing the company's consistent creativity and bold new directions.

By Thai An